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Johannes du Plessis uses his distinct figurative style to express his love of form

and nature. Johannes was born in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa 1953.

After his school education he studied further gaining a higher National Diploma

with distinction in fine arts. (Sculpting and drawing)




During his school education.1969 - 1971, private sculpting tuition

by Maureen Quin (sculptress)

1974 - Studied at Potchefstroom University (HNOD FINE ARTS)

1975 - 1979 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, art & design,

gaining a Higher National Diploma with distinction in fine Arts (sculpture and drawing)

under Phil Kolbe and Hillary Graham.

1988 - Full time Artist - Sculpture/painting

1990 - 1991 traveled USA for 6 weeks visiting museums and galleries.

Exhibitions S.A. 1982 - 2013.

International Exhibitions 1994 - 2007

June/July 1997 - Traveled Europe for 6 weeks, visiting Documenta X

in Kassel Germany and Museums, Switzerland, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin.

Private Commissions - Sculpture and Private Commissions - Painting.

(Curriculum Vitae)

Private Collectors all over the world.


My life as an Artist is a process of creativity, day and night.

du Plessis' intricate paintings, contains expressionistic intensity and formal complexity.

He is showing new acrylic paintings in which he communicates tactile immediacy

in a cartoon-like manner. They pulse with vitality their jostling, tumbling forms

and clear, vivid palette containing furiously compressed energies.





1   To view my artwork is to experience the idea of space. To imagine something

and to form a particular sort of mental representation of that thing.

Imagining is typically distinguished from mental states such as perceiving,

remembering and believing. Therefore the figuration of recognisable objects/shapes

you can find in all my work.


2   To come to a style is merely a tool, meant to facilitate the expression

of an idea; therefore most artists’ work will not fit nearly into any specific category.

A style is a tool, not a label. I utilize my Expressionistic style as a tool to achieve

my goal. Every collection of artworks that I create might differ from the previous year.

The reason for that is, to search for the ultimate challenge, a playground of fulfillment.


3   I collect subconsciously the wide variety of visual stimuli around us every day,

in advertisements and media, our relationships and experiences, objects, nature

and architecture and people, to mention a few. All these can offer artistic references.


4   Within my work you will find all sorts of elements, faces and figuration.

With my spontaneous artistic approach on the canvas, I stimulate and evoke

the viewer’s senses so that he/she could discover what ever he likes to perceive.

I describe my new creations as infinite, therefore the endlessness that borderline

the work.



     Johannes du Plessis




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